Our PR and social media services are completely flexible, so even if you don’t sign up to a general marketing retainer, we can provide PR support through an exclusively PR-focused retainer or ad hoc for single events and projects.

A good PR campaign requires a team to be quick off the mark, as well as creative and considerate of the bigger picture. That’s why we treat PR as one discipline within the broader marketing mix and it’s why it’s included in our marketing retainer packages. PR works best in harmony with your overall marketing plan.

It’s worth remembering that PR isn’t just about press releases and newspaper coverage anymore. Today’s digital publicity crosses way into the marketing discipline and reaches audiences virally; through real time events; via other people’s blogs and across social media platforms. If your business needs to generate publicity for whatever reason, we’ll take a look at your objectives and figure out the best way to put you in the limelight. We may not take the route you’d expect!

The negative flip side to digital communications is that bad news travels as fast as good. So what happens if you hit the headlines for reasons you weren’t expecting and you need to change the conversation or focus on damage limitation? We can handle crisis communications too.

It’s not something any business owner wants to prepare for, but being able to respond to negative publicity in a timely, calm and professional manner when your name is at stake, will make the world of difference when it comes to repairing your reputation. You can leave all of that to us, we’ll see to it that as little damage as possible is done and begin the careful work of bringing positive stories back into the limelight. Crisis communications management is available as an ad hoc service or as part of our tailored PR and marketing retained packages.



Social Media and PR go hand in hand, which is why our Social Media services can be included in our retained service packages and are managed alongside your wider marketing plan. It’s important to remember that your brand’s online presence and perception is pivotal to building and engaging a loyal community. Through creative ideas and strategies, consultations, creative direction, social monitoring and community management, we’ll work with you to reach your social media targets and give people a committed space to connect with and follow your brand. In short, we aim to get your business seen, liked and shared.

With our retained services, you can leave the Black Hare team in charge of developing and implementing innovative and impactful digital strategies to develop your brand’s image and nurture its online reputation.

Social Media services include:

  • Digital strategy: content strategy, storytelling, communications
  • Community management: content creation, community engagement, competition management, statistic analysis, e-reputation management
  • Artistic direction: brand image consultancy, moodboarding, graphic design

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