We’re no angels, but we like to think of ourselves as an ethical marketing agency, because we believe in keeping karma on our side and in causing as little pain and damage to the planet and its inhabitants as possible – and that includes through our work.

Our ethical policy means we’re as sustainable as possible and for the most part, we operate on a paperless, environmentally friendly basis. We also love animals, so we don’t work for clients who sell or promote the use of meat or leather products. Neither do we work with businesses whose products or services use animals for clothing; entertainment; or who use animals for cosmetic, healthcare or pharmaceutical testing.


Most recently between 2017 and 2020, we supported Headway Derby. We offered our help at a really crucial time when the charity was at risk of losing its premises and the precious funding it needed to keep it afloat. Through our PR efforts, two black tie gala dinners and the help and support of the wider East Midlands community, we raised the profile of the charity and some some much needed cash to help maintain the incredible work that this charity does for people suffering from acquired brain injury. We’re pleased to say the charity is now firmly back on its feet with a great team steering it and we’re so happy we could be part of its journey.


We’re always interested in working with charities that align with our values and in giving a little back – so if you’re in need of some help for a good cause, then don’t be afraid to ask and we’ll see what we can do for you. We can offer support in the way of PR, marketing strategy and advice, event planning and fundraising. Please contact us if you have a great cause you think we’d like to consider!