We offer three tiers of e-commerce packages to simplify the process of setting up a digital shop front for your products or services. These packages will provide everything you need to begin selling your products online – the digital shopfront and payment gateway plus a user-friendly CMS (content management system) that you can self manage. 

Digitisation is a fast moving train and if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that businesses who are set up to operate and sell online are the most likely to survive a volatile marketplace and the digitisation of commerce. Sadly we’ve seen many businesses fold, who weren’t able to adapt. We don’t know what’s around the corner but we want to help small businesses weather the storm by improving their digital offering.


We use Snipcart and Craft Commerce CMS platforms for website builds, these are our recommended tried, tested and high performing software solutions to help you manage your e-commerce business with as little stress as possible. We can even supply the legal guidance and templates needed to ensure your terms and conditions of sale are suitable for online purchases.

Snipcart Add-on Package

From £500*

For small businesses with an existing website and an e-commerce requirement, Snipcart is a user-friendly add on to any website CMS. It facilitates a simple, customer friendly cart and check-out process, it’s easy to edit and can be dropped in to an existing site if you don’t need a complete re-build.

Snipcart Rebuild Package

From £1500*

From smaller e-commerce sites that need to be built from scratch, this end to end package uses Snipcart for its simplicity and user friendliness. Self manageable and easy to maintain, Snipcart will empower you to manage your own e-commerce business and our package includes a full website handover and training session to get you started.

Craft Commerce Website Package

From £2000*

For larger and more complex e-commerce site builds, we use Craft Commerce. A platform with flexibility built in and a fully customisable content management system, it’s smooth, seamless and easy to manage when you need to add or remove products or site pages. This end to end, web build package includes a full website handover and training session to get you started.

*Costs for all packages depend on the scale of your businesses and range of products. Please contact us with your requirements for a full, accurate quote.