Hare: noun; an acutely observant, speedy and flexible animal with long ears and long hind legs, adapted for springing into action. Of the order, Lagomorpha.

We’re a Derby based marketing and PR agency, providing services to businesses and professional individuals in the East Midlands region and beyond. We don’t claim to be better than other marketing agencies, but we do know we operate a little differently.

First of all we know one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we allow our clients to dictate a level of service that works for them. Secondly we’re not ‘yes men’. We don’t think it’s productive to tell people what they want to hear all the time, so we’re honest and straight down the line.

That means if your expectations of cost and deliverables are a little too optimistic, we’ll let you know what you really need to set aside. If we think there’s a better way to do something, you’ll know about it. Or if we think something about your marketing will negatively affect the way people see your business, we’ll tell you. Our business is to make sure yours gets noticed for the right reasons.

We believe in building relaxed and solid relationships with our clients and in the great results that arrive out of this. We’ll be the in-house team you really need but can’t justify the salary for; or we’ll supplement your internal marketing department, offering across the board, creative solutions for any stage of your business’s life.

Browse the rest of our website to find out more about what we do and if you’re so inclined, invite us for coffee and a carrot. We won’t bite.


Chrissie Rowell – Owner & Creative Director


A creative at heart, Chrissie’s experience is rooted in writing, journalism and event management. With publishing experience for titles like GQ and Women’s Health as well as a copy portfolio of work for brands like Amazon, Experian and Toyota; she understands the power of the written word. Close media links, perfectionism and a strong creative streak, mean she’s the woman to whip your corporate identity into shape, get your PR campaign up and running and co-ordinate your event. She can often be found working in the evening and if it’s out of the office with a cocktail in hand, even better!

James Fallows – Account Manager & Chief Tea Monkey


James knows his way around a spreadsheet in the dark. Being great with numbers and having worked in data analytics for Experian and heading up sales performance divisions for Vodafone and Phones4u, he’s the man who can set the most relevant KPIs for your campaign and monitor metrics and analytics. James also has an active role in PR and social media management for the business, maximising new and exciting opportunities for our clients and sniffing out new directions for Black Hare. He enjoys a morning task, makes a mean brew and is the yin to Chrissie’s yang. (That could be a euphemism, we’re not sure…)