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You must be creatively gifted, happy to collaborate and able to understand the aesthetics of beautiful websites, as well as how to effectively build the structure of a site in HTML; whilst creating a smooth and sleek UX.

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If you can wow us with your skills and have a portfolio of past projects to show us, then please get in touch.

We’re more interested in talent and creativity than experience, so don’t worry if you don’t have the standard two years in the industry! We know there are more important things than that 😉

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Performance Networks website


Performance Networks is a rapidly growing company that services the connectivity needs of other businesses; installing WiFi networks and VoIP systems, creating bespoke internet access facilities and offering a unique solution allowing business to harvest their customers data, simply by asking them to log onto WiFi via their social media accounts. This sophisticated and clever innovation needed to be showcased to clients and prospects, along with the rest of their products and services.

After a busy period of growth, Performance Networks were ready to have their corporate identity refreshed and their marketing materials updated to match their new look and communicate their offering.

Our Solution:

As an internet centric business, Performance Networks’ website would define everything else they did in terms of marketing. They wanted a site that featured photography, but they didn’t want it to look like many business websites that use cheesy stock images.

We sourced stunning, symbolic photography; created visually simple layouts with a clear user journey and clever use of infographics; created a new colour palette for use across all future collateral and wrote case studies and copy for new products and services. Then we created new business cards, wrote and designed new brochures and exhibition banners and delivered them all in print, to complete their fresh new look.

Performance Networks banner design

Performance Networks said:

“We’ve been really impressed with the cost effectiveness and speed of Black Hare’s services. Our briefs (often communicated over the phone) are always understood and we’re provided with designs, copy and marketing materials that are delivered on time and position our brand and service offering perfectly. We’d really recommend them for their down to earth approach and quality of work.”

Will Evans, Performance Networks 

Performance Networks brochure