Businesses that tap into society’s appetite for sex are booming and public attitudes towards sexuality are more liberal than they have ever been. That’s not to say there aren’t still barriers to break. When we were approached by Colin Richards to help him gain some positive publicity for his business Intimacy Matters, we were thrilled to tackle a PR challenge a little more unusual than most.

Colin is a Sexual Mentor and Psycho-Sensual Coach based in Westminter, London. He helps both individuals and couples to overcome problems in their sex lives, by combining counselling with practical teaching, workshops and massage sessions. Trained as a sex and relationship counsellor, masseur and hypnotherapist; his clients range from straight and gay professionals in their 20s and 30s who want to experience the thrill of a sexual experience without the commitment or guilt that paying for sex would involve; to couples in their 50s and beyond that have lost their spark due to illness, age related loss of libido or simply because they’ve been together much of their lives.

Our Solution

Cosmopolitan November 2015 Cover

It was clear from a recent increase in the amount of female clients that Colin was receiving enquiries and bookings from, that it was a largely untapped market, but also one that shared a lot of hang ups and embarrassment about the idea of paying for a sensual massage service. We knew that if we could convince some of his female clients to be open about their experience and talk to the press, it had the potential to make an incredible feature.

It took some time but eventually, two women agreed to tell their story and we spoke to several women’s glossies about the possibility of them running a feature. Cosmopolitan were the first to recognise the opportunity and we agreed exclusivity with them for the story.

PR Cosmopolitan Sex Case StudyA glamorous photoshoot, several interviews and four months later, Cosmopolitan published an impressive 6 page feature, posing the question to their readers – would you pay this man for an orgasm?

The article was well received by intrigued readers and resulted in a new influx of enquiries from women right from the day the issue hit the shelves. We know it’s just the beginning of a bigger task to continue breaking the taboos related to Colin’s work and to challenge the common misconception that women are less sexually demanding and adventurous than men.

Colin Richards said:

“Chrissie of Black Hare achieved what I felt may have been impossible. She took me on as a client eight months ago and after explaining my unusual profession to her in detail, she spent a great deal of time understanding my world and the motivations and principles at the core of my work. Even to the point of attending as a bystander one of my workshops. From that point on I trusted her to act on my behalf to get my brand and story out to the media.

Immediately I have benefited from increased client appointments as well as approaches from other media outlets. Determined, creative and a great writer herself, I plan to continue benefiting from Chrissie’s expertise as a PR consultant for some time to come. Thanks Chrissie.”