The sheer reach that social media can provide if it’s handled properly, means it should be something every business engages with; but realistically, few have the time and resources to implement it effectively or at all.

It’s not rocket science, but we know it can be time consuming and a little fiddly. So we can set you up on the right social media platforms and show you how to manage them, from the setting up of visual elements to make the right impression and creating the right tone of voice for your business; to content planning, scheduling and assessing the analytics and engagement rates.

Our Social Media for Business DIY Workshops can be tailored to suit your own preferences and you can invite up to five members of your team for the same all-in cost of £250:

Black Hare Social Media DIY Workshops

We aim to empower businesses with the knowledge to manage their own social media, because we believe it’s best maintained in-house by the people who know your business best.

But if that’s simply not possible, we can keep it running using our social scheduling software and report back when we need to. We can search and post content, manage interactions and direct messages and when necessary, relay anything back to you that needs to be addressed in-house.

We can provide:

  • Social strategy
  • Account set up and training for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Campaign planning
  • Content scheduling
  • Facebook ad management
  • Promoted tweet campaigns