We’re not scared of commitment. In fact, the most cost effective and productive way for clients to work regularly with us, is to hire us on a retainer. 

Marketing retainers offer complete diversity of service and value for money and our retainers that integrate all of our disciplines are our biggest and most important USP. They’re perfect for businesses who don’t have an in-house marketing provision.

With a set number of hours per month devoted to your account, we can streamline your existing marketing processes or create a new plan to move you in the right direction. Once you’re signed up, we include strategy first, which will give way to full and uninterrupted account servicing on a rolling basis to deliver your marketing plan, allowing you to take full advantage of everything we have to offer.

Included in marketing retainer packages*:

  • Strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Advertising scheduling
  • Copy services
  • Website management and analytics
  • Social media management
  • PR services
  • Event planning and support

*Design, website development and print services are extra

You can choose that we devote more or less time to each element as and when your requirements change and retainers can be increased with immediate effect or decreased with 2 months’ notice.

Call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.