A good PR campaign requires creativity, careful consideration and an awareness of the bigger picture. That’s why we treat PR as one discipline within the broader marketing spectrum and it’s why it’s included in our marketing retainer packages. PR works best in harmony with your overall marketing plan.

Our PR services are completely flexible, so even if you don’t sign up to a general marketing retainer, we can provide PR alone through an exclusively PR-focused retainer or adhoc for single events and projects.

It’s worth remembering that PR isn’t just about press releases and newspaper coverage anymore. Today’s digital publicity crosses way into the marketing discipline and reaches audiences virally; through real time events; via other people’s blogs and across social media platforms.

If your business needs to generate publicity for whatever reason, we’ll take a look at your objectives and figure out the best way to put you in the limelight. We may not take the route you’d expect!


We also take on clients who require personal PR and profile raising in the corporate, academic and entertainment sectors. Our media links are strong and current and we’re no strangers to achieving significant coverage for clients in the national press and on radio and TV, keeping them in the public eye and talked about for all the right reasons.

Getting to know our clients is something we do best. We forge close relationships with all of our clients and that’s how we achieve the results that we do for them. We can’t work on their behalf and act as their spokespeople, without understanding them and their goals properly.

Talk to us about:

  • Long & short term PR campaigns
  • Event PR
  • Personal PR
  • Social media PR campaigns
  • Product launch publicity
  • Awards entry management