Recently, LinkedIn revealed the top ten ‘buzz words’ it says marketers over-use on their LinkedIn profiles and CVs and it’s disturbing to see that one of these words is ‘creative’.

How can this have become a buzz word, when the vast majority of modern marketers aren’t remotely creative? The digital landscape (another couple of buzz words for you there!) has bred a legion of left-brained marketing professionals that think laterally and numerically instead of creatively. That’s not a criticism – we need these analytical types to be able to navigate the intricacies of modern digital marketing. Just think analytics; detailed segmentation; targeting; social media algorithms; complex KPIs and relating sales figures back to online campaigns and assessing paths to purchase. It’s a science. But it’s not creative!


True creatives love to peer in and have a top level understanding of how these factors relate to the beautiful campaign they’ve just conceptualised. But they baulk at having to get really immersed in the science behind the marketing.

That’s why when someone refers to themselves as being ‘creative’ they should think about what creative really means.

For the same reason that I wouldn’t refer to myself as analytical and scientific, people shouldn’t be casually throwing around the word creative unless they genuinely  like to ‘create’. I get tired of the word being used to define ‘a different way of thinking about things’. That has nothing to do with creating anything.

When I refer to myself as being creative it’s because I like to see a project through from conception to delivery, but more than that, it’s because I am eternally concerned with the way things are experienced from a sensory perspective, especially how things look. I get a kick out of being a part of creating something that looks amazing.

So in summary, yes, creative probably has become a buzz word. But it’s the new version of the word that’s causing the problem.

I’d love true creatives to be able to reclaim it and stop marketers using it to describe everything that they do!

Original article in The Drum here: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/01/30/linkedin-reveals-the-10-most-overused-marketing-buzzwords-cvs-and-profiles