Social Media Icons

We manage social media for many of our clients, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We find that many SMEs don’t really understand how to make the most of social media for business, so if you’re not at the stage where you can ask an expert to look after it for you, we’ve put together a few tips to help you:

  1. First impressions are important. Personalise the page properly. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all allow you to set not just an avatar or profile image, but also a header image and in the case of Twitter, you can even set the colour used on the page to match your corporate identity.
  2. Add value to your content This is the key to increased likes, follows and interactions is. As well as tweeting your company updates and industry news; post tips, whitepapers, blogs and how to’s that people will genuinely find useful. It will position you as not only knowledgeable, but also helpful.
  3. Use hashtags effectively on twitter and Instagram. The hashtag symbol in front of a word, groups posts that feature the same word into easily accessible lists which are searchable. This spreads your tweets and posts further than just your own followers.
  4. Choose quality and commitment over quantity. There are so many social channels to choose from, if you had a presence on them all, you’d never be able to keep them up to date. If you’re pushed for time, pick just one that works best for your business and concentrate on that. We’re happy to advise on which one might be best for your type of business so speak to us if you’d like more help.
  5. Post at least once a day. A neglected social media account can be more damaging to a business than not having one at all. It looks lazy and unprofessional and if you genuinely can’t commit to keeping it up to date, then just take it down until you can.
  6. Avoid repetitive and ‘filler’ content. ‘Top tips’ are fine if they’re different and insightful every time. Likewise, promoting your business services and goods is a great way of telling people what you do and finding potential customers. But if your posts samey or you keep recycling content, people will get bored with you very quickly and probably unfollow. As a rule, if you don’t have something interesting and original to say, don’t say it!
  7. Simply RT-ing or reposting others does not give ‘you’ a voice. Whilst it’s fine to repost or RT content that you generally feel is worth sharing and will be valuable to your audience, you need to ensure that there is a good balance of this alongside your OWN original posts. A profile full of RTs (which is something we are seeing more and more lately!) is not likely to inspire anyone and may in fact put them off following you.

We hope these tips are useful, please let us know if you have any questions on how to manage your social media or are thinking of outsourcing it!

The Black Hare team x